Can you afford not to improve your hotel, club or restaurant?

The most successful businesses see tough times as a chance to build an edge on their competition. Through making your overall business more attractive and efficient is probably the best investment you can make in the current market. The more attractive you can make your venue to the your demographic, the more customers, the more staff and even a prospective buyer will value your business.

A famous artist once told me “Sculpture is easy, all you do is take a block of stone and chip away the pieces you don’t want”. While this is an oversimplification of what it takes to end up with a masterpiece, with the right sculptor the job is easy. Like the sculptor you need a company that understands the whole process, not just the building, to make your business into a masterpiece of success and maximise your return on investment. The risk everyone in the industry faces is that when the market is down you need to get a bigger share of the market to keep up with rising costs and retain more profits. Then when the market returns your business will be better than your competition and make for a stronger business.

This leaves the venues who have sat on the hands wondering where their business has gone. Most D&C companies start out as builders and employ an architect to design a building. This may give you an attractive building, but it won’t help you identify your customers and market or even provide a building that will be efficient to operate as profitably as it should. Understanding what it really takes to develop a successful business, we combine strong all-round skills, of marketing, retail management, space planning, interior and graphic design, hospitality management and workflow, project management, fit-out and construction.

If you would like some advice on how to the potential and area for improvements of your venue, feel free to give us a call. Obligations free, happy to chat anytime.

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